Alt-Ac Career Panels

The goal of CaliWEPS is to help CA-based junior scholars to produce high-quality research and to transition into fulfilling, impactful, and challenging jobs. In that spirit, in 2022 we began organizing a series of virtual panels on alternatives to academic careers after a social science PhD. The career panels cover areas such as applied policy research, data science, campaigns and polling, and media. They are open to any interested junior scholars in CA or outside, as well as faculty and staff who want to support junior scholars interested in alt-ac jobs.

In 2022 we are organizing three panels on careers in US domestic policy, political campaigns and polling, and tech with panelists from the ACLU, US Office of Management and Budget, Twitter, Wikimedia, YouGov, and more. If you have suggestions or feedback for future panels or want to get involved, please contact Lauren Young (leyou at

To enable our panelists to speak freely, we are only making the panel recordings available to graduate students in the CaliWEPS network. You can access the password-protected recordings here.